AWIU Board of Directors

Officers 2019

<center>Maria Emmi Schory</center>

Maria Emmi Schory

<center>Tatiana Gfoeller</center>

Tatiana Gfoeller

First Vice President
<center>Kathleen Huston</center>

Kathleen Huston

Vice President
<center>Jacqueline Macias</center>

Jacqueline Macias

Vice President
<center>Debra Beck</center>

Debra Beck

<center>Julie Pantiskas</center>

Julie Pantiskas

<center>Jo Ann Troha</center>

Jo Ann Troha

Staff: Office Administrator

The Board meets in 4 various regions in the U. S. each year. This is done to encourage member attendance at Board Meetings. All members are welcome at all Board Meetings. Educational programs associated with the Board Meetings are open to members and non-members alike.

AWIU Board

  • Alice A. Anderson
  • Julie Armstrong
  • Colleen Berk
  • Rupsi Burman
  • Gia Coone
  • Merry Lee Eilers
  • Stelle Feuers
  • Wendy Gladney
  • Carolyn A. Johnson
  • Linda Kukler
  • Carol Robertson Lopez
  • Diane McGlinchey
  • Gayle Graham Morin
  • Marsha Niazmand
  • Robin Winter Odem
  • Donna Pinckney
  • Barbara Rubio
  • Laura D. Schuldt
  • Janice Trojan

Chapter Chairs

  • Chicago: Robin Winter Odem and Marsha Niazmand
  • Los Angeles: Diane Mitchell Henry and Wendy Gladney
  • New York State: Barbara Rubio
  • Northern California: Pending
  • Orange County: Stelle Feuers and Sharon Kolby
  • San Diego: Pending
  • Washington, D.C.: Tatiana Gfoeller and Dolores Brown
  • Virtual Chapter I: Barbara Rubio
  • Virtual Chapter II: Betty Houbion

2019 Heritage Members

A Heritage Member is a special dues category for investing in AWIU’s Future

  • Martha Atherton
  • Susan Chandler
  • Marilyn Beth Dresser
  • Tatiana Gfoeller
  • Roxana Goin
  • Ann Horton
  • Kathleen Huston
  • Jacqueline Macias
  • Sherry Lee Mueller
  • Robin Winter Odem
  • Julie Pantiskas
  • Maria Emmi Schory
  • Magda Fehema-Sharkasi
  • Joan Starr
  • Carol J. Upshaw

Founder: American Women for International Understanding

  • * Bernice W. Behrens

Presidents Emeriti

  • * Bernice M. Hemphill
  • * Lee Kimche McGrath
  • Marcia Wilson Hobbs
  • Joanne Kumamoto
  • Martha Atherton
  • Judith Hill
  • Carole J. Lewis
  • Anne Tonks
  • Jane Mursener Wetzel
  • Kathleen Hunt
  • Diane M. McGlinchey