AWIU Stands with Afghan Women!

We Stand With Afghan Women

American Women for International Understanding (AWIU) is an organization dedicated to support and promote female leaders around the world. Through our advocacy, grant program, and recognition awards, we want to make sure that at-risk women have the resources they need, and the right, to make a difference in their countries. Since August 2021, in Afghanistan, that right has been extinguished.

We are actively pursuing opportunities to help the women of Afghanistan. Our recent donation to the Friends of the American University in Afghanistan was our first step and we will not stop until there are options for women beyond Taliban oppression and violence. Let’s continue on this path – through fundraising, resettlement assistance, and networking in support of Afghan women.

Ambassador Tatiana C. Gfoeller
President, AWIU

Afghanistan Response

American Women for International Understanding has a long history of supporting women from Afghanistan. In the midst of the current crisis, it is more important than ever to support our sisters seeking freedom and safety. We have called upon our members, International Women of Courage award recipients, and grant awardees to ensure we can make the greatest impact that stems from our values. Below is a compiled list of activities and initiatives you can do in order to stay informed, donate, and volunteer during this time.

What You Can Do To Support During This Crisis


Donate Today!

The women and children victimized by the crisis in Afghanistan need your help! AWIU recently made a significant sponsorship donation to the 2021 Benefit Event for Friends of the American University of Afghanistan, thanks to your Afghanistan-allocated donations. Donations to AWIU will continue to fund ongoing advocacy, fundraising, and settlement assistance for Afghan women and children through our programs such as the International Women of Courage Celebration and Micro-Grants. Indicate Afghan response in the drop-down box if you’d like to allocate your donation in support of Afghanistan relief.


• Check with your local AWIU chapter, see what they are doing as individuals and AWIU members in their community.
• Sign up to volunteer locally with Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).
• Sign up to volunteer locally with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.
• There are many types of volunteer opportunities with Mirys List.
• You can also sign a petition with Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security GIWPS/Vital Voices.


• Look out for an IWOC Conversation with Roya Sadat, IWOC and first Afghan filmmaker!
• Attend the 2021 Benefit Event for Friends of the American University of Afghanistan.


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International Women of Courage

  • Zarifa Ghafari

    2020 IWOC

  • Roya Sadat

    2019 IWOC

  • Captain Niloofar Rahmani

    2015 IWOC

  • Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil

    2014 IWOC

  • Malalai Bahaduri

    2012 IWOC

  • Honorable Maryam Durani

    2012 IWOC

  • Maria Bashir

    2011 IWOC

  • Shukira Asil

    2010 IWOC

  • Colonel Shafiqa Quraishi

    2010 IWOC

  • Wazhma Frogh

    2009 IWOC

  • Mary Akrami

    2008 IWOC

  • Aziza Siddiqui

    2020 IWOC

2021 Honorary Posthumous
IWOC Group Award

  • Fatima Natasha Khalil

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Fatima Rajabi

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Freshta

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Fatima Natasha Khalil

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Fatima Natasha Khalil

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Malalai Maiwand

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • Maryam Noorzad

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

  • General Sharmila Frough

    2021 IWOC Honorary Posthumous

List of Afghan IWOCs

2021 – Honorary Posthumous IWOC Group Award

Fatima Natasha Khalil
Fatima Rajabi
Freshta Kohistani
Malalai Maiwand
Maryam Noorzad
General Sharmila Frough

2020 – Zarifa Ghafari – Politician
2019 – Roya Sadat – Filmmaker
2015 – Captain Niloofar Rahmani – Pilot
2014 – Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil – OB/Gyn
2013 – Malalai Bahaduri – Law Enforcement
2012 – Honorable Maryam Durani – Nonprofit Activist/radio Host
2011 – Maria Bashir – Prosecutor
2010 – Shukira Asil – Politician
2010 – Colonel Shafiqa Quraishi – Government Minister
2009 – Wazhma Frogh – Afghanistan Country Director for Global Rights
2008 – Mary Akrami – Women’s Advocate
2007 – Aziza Siddiqui – Women’s Rights Coordinator with Action Aid