Career Opportunities for International Relations

To encourage young women to seek careers that involve international relations, whether in diplomacy, science, education, non-profits or business, AWIU established the COIR program. The AWIU COIR Symposium in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State gives young women an opportunity to learn about international careers and engage with today’s leaders in the field.

AWIU COIR Symposium

AWIU and DOS COIR committee members are excited about offering another year of notable keynote speakers, panelists, recruiters and career facilitators representing government agencies, NGO’s, corporate, sports, media and the arts.

Plans are underway to host 200 high school seniors, college and young professional women for this invitational event. Youth participants will have the opportunity to network, gain knowledge and information about international careers and internships, interface with recruiters and engage in discussions with other youth about their personal global experiences and journeys. Materials and lunch will be provided. There is no charge to attend the COIR Symposium.

AWIU-COIR Impact Leadership Awards

The AWIU-COIR Impact Leadership Awards were established for AWIU to develop and maintain global relationships. The Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of young women from the international community living in the United States who have contributed outstanding advocacy leadership for women and girls worldwide .

Watch the Summer Soiree and AWIU-COIR 2018 Awards Celebration Video

AWIU presents panelists Ambassador. Swanee Hunt, Dr. Louise Shelley and Sabrina Hrsi Issa with moderator Wendy Gladney. The Impact Leadership Awards feature presenter Ambassador Ruth Davis, emcee Sandra Evers-Manly, AWIU president Maria Schory and AWIU-COIR Founder/Chair Diane Mitchell Henry and the Award recipients Alexis Diane Jefferson, Vanessa Leon, Amaya Neely, Lida Sahar Noory and Ebony Rice.