Ms. Hadeel Abdel Aziz

Ms. Hadeel Abdel Aziz

Human rights activist Hadeel Abdel Aziz is a frontline defender of Jordan’s most marginalized, including juveniles, refugees, migrants, and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.  As founder of the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA), a leading legal aid provider in Jordan, Ms. Abdel Aziz has built a nationwide network of clinics which provide services to thousands of vulnerable individuals every year.  Ms. Abdel Aziz and JCLA have played a critical role in advocating against arbitrary detention, including detention of women “for their own protection” from so-called honor crimes.  Ms. Abdel Aziz has been a consistent advocate for access to justice for all Jordanians, and a constructive partner with government institutions. Over more than a decade of leadership, she has demonstrated courage in presenting a clear-eyed vision for how a fairer justice system can strengthen Jordan.

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