2024 Award Winners

Agather Atuhaire

“Courage means doing what has to be done regardless of the circumstances. It means putting the lives and livelihoods of people with no voice, the future of our children, and the progression of our societies above fear.” Agather Atuhaire is a renowned journalist, lawyer and social justice activist who advocates […]

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Rabha El Haymar

“Courage is never giving up, having faith in yourself, and fighting for your rights with optimism and passion.“ Rabha El Haymar is a courageous Moroccan woman who successfully navigated her country’s legal system and fought to obtain, through a recourse provided by Morocco’s family code reform of 2004, recognition of

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Rina Gonoi

“Courage is the determination to keep going. Speak out. Take action. Trust yourself. Stick to your convictions. Show consideration. Have a positive outlook on life.” At the age of 11, Rina Gonoi and her family were victims of the tragic triple disaster in Japan. When a female Japan Self-Defense Force

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Fariba Balouch

“Courage, to me, resonates in the silent strength of a Balochi woman, who bravely challenged patriarchy within her home and took her fight to the streets against authoritarian rule, her voice echoing despite the silence.” Fariba Balouch is a London-based Iranian human rights activist. She is from Iran’s Sistan and

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Fatou Baldeh

“Courage to me means standing against harmful practices and injustice that society has normalized, regardless of where they may stem from.” As Gambian parliamentarians currently debate repealing the 2015 ban on female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C), Fatou Baldeh, a survivor of FGM/C, waded into this highly contentious and polarizing

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Fátima Corozo

“Courage, even in the face of danger and fear, is the driving force to achieve positive change in my community.” Fátima Corozo is a tireless, dedicated community leader and youth advocate in Esmeraldas, Ecuador’s most violent city. Born in Isla Luis Vargas Torres, one of the most violent enclaves within

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Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

“Courage is something that you have to feel to be able to face the dictatorship, which has no limits for cruelty or terror.” Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello has been a Cuban political dissident and leading proponent of human rights and religious freedom in Cuba for more than four decades, during

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Myintzu Win

“Courage is not being free from fear. It is about being scared and doing your job anyway.” Myintzu Win, a veteran criminal defense lawyer, champions the rights of marginalized communities in Burma in spite of significant obstacles in the legal landscape. Her service extends to women, children, the indigent, persons

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Volha Harbunova

“Courage is the ability to act in big and small ways every day, despite fear and pain, and to remain compassionate in the face of evil. Courage is when you care.” Volha Harbunova is a Belarusian human rights defender who has dedicated her life to advocating for the rights of

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Fawzia Karim Firoze

“Courage is the spirit to fight through discrimination and injustices to secure peace and equality!” Fawzia Karim Firoze is a Bangladeshi Supreme Court advocate who has fought for the rights of marginalized groups for more than three decades. Ms. Firoze is currently the head of her own law chamber and

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