Welcome We Look Forward to Your Application

You will be asked for the following as you apply

  • Sponsor

    A sponsor name and their email. If you do not have a sponsor at the time of application, one will be paired with you at a later time. Sponsors are there to help you get involved in AWIU’s activities and programs and to answer any questions you may have as a new member.

  • Payment

    A debit or credit card for your payment. Checks made out to A.W.I.U. are also acceptable, and should be mailed to: Jo Ann Troha, 1900 East Golf Road, Suite 950, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

Requirements for Membership

  • Female, 18 years and above

  • United States citizen

Types of Membership

  • Professional Associate

    Professional Associate (those 32 or younger): Dues are $ 75.00 (Pay $75 or pay three equal installments of $25 each.)

  • Active Member

    (applicants age 33 or older): Dues are $150.00

  • Passport to the Future Member

    Dues are waived in lieu of a project assignment. See the Passport to the Future page for more information.

New Member Application