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You will be asked for the following as you apply

  • Sponsor

    A sponsor name and their email. If you do not have a sponsor at the time of application, one will be paired with you at a later time. Sponsors are there to help you get involved in AWIU’s activities and programs and to answer any questions you may have as a new member.

  • Payment

    A debit or credit card for your payment. Checks made out to A.W.I.U. are also acceptable, and should be mailed to: Jo Ann Troha, 2100 South Wolf Road, Des Plaines, Illinois, 60018.

Requirements for Membership

  • Female, 18 years and above

  • United States citizen

Types of Membership

  • Professional Associate

    Professional Associate (those 32 or younger): Dues are $ 75.00 (Pay $75 or pay three equal installments of $25 each.)

  • Active Member

    (applicants age 33 or older): Dues are $150.00

  • Passport to the Future Member

    Dues are waived in lieu of a project assignment. See the Passport to the Future page for more information.

New Member Application

  • American Women for International Understanding has been promoting understanding between people, particularly women, around the world since 1968. Please tell us briefly why you would like to join.
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  • Contact Information:

  • General Information

  • (Include descriptive information if helpful)
  • (Schools, degrees, certifications)
  • (Focus of organization; your role in the organization)
  • (Include level of fluency)
  • (Countries of interest, reasons for travel, contacts)
  • Social Media

  • Areas of Interest

  • AWIU Membership is for American citizens only.

  • If you already have a sponsor, please provide:
  • "Please remit $150 membership dues upon completion of your application. Your application will be processed with receipt of your payment. Payment can be made either by mailing check made out to AWIU to: AWIU, Attn: Jo Ann Troha, 2100 South Wolf Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018 or by PayPal upon completion of this application. Thank you!
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