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The Passport to the Future (“Passport”) program was initiated in 2010 as a means of engaging AWIU members ages 14-26 who are interested in international women-to-women learning and exchange. The Passport program incorporates aspects of AWIU programs (such as the annual Career Opportunities in International Understanding Symposium and the micro-grants program) while providing professional skill building, networking, and mentorship. Passport program participants develop international exchange projects that enhance their understanding of the world and gender equity. The mission of the program is to inspire young women on the path to professional careers to build knowledge and understanding of issues which impact women through international exchange and collaboration.

Passport Committee members have organized Passport “tracks” for each incoming Passport program participant. Each track runs for a total of 5 months (January-May and August-December). Once assigned to a track, leaders will determine meeting time, frequency, and objectives of the track. For example, the International Exchange track will meet monthly throughout the cycle while the Passport works on their assigned project. At the end of the cycle, the participant will present their findings. Each track will have, at minimum, a leader, and at maximum a leader and mentor for each track participant. AWIU members are invited to mentor within specific tracks.

What does a “Passport” receive for participation in the program?

The Passport program provides an opportunity for young women to learn and receive mentorship from leading women in international relations. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from AWIU members which include former Ambassadors, nonprofit leaders, and business professionals. All mentors are seasoned in their field, are a wealth of resources, and eager to mentor program participants.

Beyond the mentorship component, the program provides opportunities for increased intercultural communication competencies. Participants will engage with either a micro-grant recipient, International Woman of Courage, or AWIU member, and conduct a project centered in increasing learning and understanding.

The Passport program has been in operation since 2010, however 2023 will see its largest group of participants with over 30 registered to participate. Past projects have included international exchange with a primary school in Nepal, social media campaigns for a women in agriculture program in Uganda, and interviews with former US Ambassador Eunice Reddick who demystified the career trajectory towards international diplomacy.

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About The Tracks

International Exchange:
Learn about an international organization, their work, and how it intersects with your understanding of the world. 

Diplomacy and Career Building:
Learn about a professional in international affairs, their career trajectory, and ways you can move forward in similar spaces. 

Digital Communications:
Create digital media that will explore and demonstrate the impact of a grantee or International Woman of Courage. 

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