2015 IWOC Arbana Xharra in Los Angeles

2015 IWOC Arbana Xharra in Los Angeles

On Thursday, July 27th, Nancy Annick hosted a lunch at her home for 2015 IWOC Arbana Xharra (Kosovo), who was visiting Los Angeles.

Xharra, who now lives in the U.S., attended the last two IWOC Celebrations in Los Angeles as our guest as well as COIR last October in Washington, D.C.

She is an investigative journalist who specializes in religious radicalization. Xharra has authored a series of investigative reports on religious extremists and Turkey’s Islamic agenda operating in the Balkans and the European Union. She has also developed campaigns and strategies on public relations and communications for various think tanks and nonprofit organizations.

Later that day, Xharra posted on Facebook: “My deepest gratitude to American Women for International Understanding for getting together and hosting me in Los Angeles.”

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