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Information, information, information…it’s what we all crave.

To create more communication currents across this vast country of ours, and to add to the ongoing connections with our grantees and International Women of Courage all over the world, the Communications Committee kicked off a new program for Passports in October:  Become a Reporter for AWIU.

“The idea is to recruit and train Passports in the essentials of gathering, analyzing, vetting, and distributing factual information,” said Betsy Richman, Communications head. “This program puts Passports in direct contact with members, grantees and Women of Courage. In the process, they’re putting down roots in the organization, getting to know more AWIU contacts, and contributing to information and stories we need to be getting out there through Connections, Conversations, The Minute, our website, social media, and email.”

Reporters Michaela Sabbag and Sophie McNally have contributed solid information on the Prince and Princess Academy and the Shlama Foundation, respectively, two AWIU 2021 grant recipients. In turn, this information was incorporated into the Shlama article in this issue of Connections, in The Minute, and in coming social media postings.

More assignments from our “staff reporters” will appear in future communications. Thank you, Michaela and Sophie, for your solid reporting.

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