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Case study: More Than Just a Grant

Fifty-eight percent of residents in Kalikot, Nepal, live in deep poverty. Seventy-four percent of its girls are married by the age of 19 and largely uneducated. Against this bleak backdrop, Modern Model Residential School offers a better future to the area’s children through innovative use of technology and modern teaching methods. Inspired by its mission, AWIU has covered tuition and housing for several orphan girls, amplified by additional direct donations by AWIU members and regular communication with the school’s founder. AWIU Passports, who are mentored by our members with experience in teaching, now read to the Nepalese girls weekly by Zoom and help them to learn English.

The mutual benefits of this ever-deepening relationship span not only AWIU’s various programs but also the globe: by providing extra, hands-on (if virtual) assistance, and being in touch with our grant recipients to track progress and impact, we leverage AWIU grant dollars. The next generation of women leaders are educated and empowered on both sides of the screen; members are inspired by mentoring. Throughout this process, international understanding through personal connection is both the conduit and the glue that holds us all together in a shared vision.

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