Agather Atuhaire

Agather Atuhaire

“Courage means doing what has to be done regardless of the circumstances. It means putting the lives and livelihoods of people with no voice, the future of our children, and the progression of our societies above fear.”

Agather Atuhaire is a renowned journalist, lawyer and social justice activist who advocates for human rights, public accountability, and the rule of law in Uganda. Her work as a journalist has brought to light parliamentary abuse of process and excess, threats to multi-party democracy and governance, health sector abuses, sexual harassment in the NGO sector, and violations of students’ rights. Ms. Atuhaire work has garnered her a reputation as a trusted voice on matters of governance, accountability, and social justice in Uganda. Her dedication to alleviating suffering for others – sometime at great personal risk – has brought change to Ugandan institutions such as Parliament, National Water Corporation, Kampala Capitol City Authority, Ministry of Health, and the Law Development Center to name a few. As team leader at AGORA – a platform to foster public discourse, social justice, public accountability – her team continues to hold leaders accountable through evidence-based activism, reporting, and civic awareness.

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