AWIU Passport to the Future Program

AWIU’s Passport to the Future Program offers networking and educational opportunities for students in international fields and young women working on projects focused on empowering women and building women’s leadership globally.

The Passport to the Future program is open to young women under 32 years currently engaged in undergraduate or graduate programs or beginning careers in international fields who would benefit by association with AWIU programs under the mentorship of an AWIU member.

Applications for the Passport program are initially reviewed by the AWIU mentors followed up by an phone interview with the Coordinator of the Passport program to determine which of our team of mentors would be the most appropriate match given the background and field of interest cited by the applicant. Once a mentor match is determined, the selected mentor will be in contact with the applicant to further explore her current status and develop a plan geared to her career goals and interests.

Membership dues is not required for Passport to the Future, although participation in the program over time could pave the way to full AWIU membership. The program has been conceived as a vehicle for young women focused on developing careers in international fields to associate with AWIU through participation in teleconference discussions and local chapter programs under the support and guidance of an AWIU member.

Passport to the Future is for you if

  • You would like to participate in AWIU forums, lectures, and teleconferences featuring women leaders working globally to build peace and to empower women socially, educationally, and economically.
  • You would be interested in developing a research project aligned with AWIU’s mission of building international relationships and furthering peace and understanding.

Passport to the Future Opportunities

  • Mentorship with an AWIU member matched to your interest and skills.
  • Networking with the women focused on building global impact and international understanding.
  • Development of projects aligned with AWIU’s delegations, grants, educational support and the celebration of the International Women of Courage.
  • Academic credit and/or professional references upon the completion of your project.

AWIU Passport to Future Mentor Bios

Passport to the Future Application

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Thank you for your interest in AWIU’s Passport to the Future program!

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. Once your application is received, an AWIU member-mentor matched most closely to your stated interests will be in touch with you. If you have any questions about the application process, please email Barbara Rubio, Coordinator of the Passport to the Future program, at