Orange County Meets with Nepali Grantee

Orange County Meets with Nepali Grantee

The Orange County Chapter met on Saturday, August 5th for a most informative meeting hosted by Sharon Kolby. The chief attractions were Prakash Bista, Shomi Bista and their six-month-old-baby girl, Pristine, who stole the show from her remarkable parents.

Prakash gave a detailed report of the Modern Model Residential School with its 250 students, 20 faculty and 10 grades, with several students now headed for public high school. Shomi manages the school as its principal. The grant funds from AWIU have not been spent yet because it has been monsoon season in Nepal, with the one dirt road to the school unpassable in the past few months.
“When we return to Nepal, we will order supplies, as they can then be delivered to us once the rains let up,” said Prakash. Their trip home will conclude with a four-hour walk up the mountain to the school.

An interesting bonus feature for the school has been its positive impact on its impoverished neighboring village. It now provides jobs for carpenters, cooks and other needed support staff for the school. Shomi also gives families Pristine’s outgrown clothes.

In addition to the interactions with the Bistas, there was much socializing and a delicious lunch.

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