Teach English to Nepali Children

By Betsy Richman & Chun-Chieh Lin,  December 1, 2021

Chun-Chieh Lin only joined AWIU a few months ago, but already she’s popular with the kids at the Modern Model Residential School (MMRS) in Western Nepal, one of our 2021 grant recipients.

Chun has pulled together a group of dedicated AWIU members – Barbara Rubio, Shree Raj Shrestha, Sharon Kolby, Chun-Chieh Lin, and AWIU Passport Jessie Sobieski – to teach English to the orphan children ages 4 to 12 who live at the school.

“We’re looking for members who have the skills to build weekly curricula for teaching, as well as for those who want to do the actual teaching on Zoom,” says Chun, who adds that the lessons are scheduled for one hour each week.

We’re not talking flashcards here. Chun and group are using dance, song, musical instruments, reading, drawing and painting as ways to bolster the children’s English skills. If you have artistic, literary or teaching talents, and think Baby Shark sounds like a pretty fun way to learn English, sign up!