Promotes woman-to-woman interaction and understanding worldwide through meaningful visits, grants, educational support, the celebration and support of the International Women of Courage and participation of local chapters which act locally and affect globally.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3)

AWIU : Encouraging woman-to-woman interaction around the world since 1968

Our Purpose

  • To bring together women in leadership positions throughout the United States to engage in and to encourage people-to-people contact throughout the world.
  • To participate in delegations to other countries to meet women in leadership positions and to facilitate reciprocal visits to the United States.
  • To engage in study programs, including self-study, organized reading, and group study or meetings, and to study national and international problems, in order to become better informed as to those problems.
  • To maintain communication between AWIU members and the people we meet through delegations, exchanges and events hosted by AWIU.
  • To attempt, by all these means, to build bridges of understanding, goodwill, and cooperation between women leaders throughout the world and thus to share, however small, in the building of international goodwill and reduction of friction by means of non-political, non-governmental, voluntary citizen action.

AWIU Celebrates Over 50 Years of Building Bridges of Understanding

What We Do

Our Services

IWOC Celebration

Our Delegations

The purpose of our delegations is to seek enhanced learning experiences about the countries we visit, while also seeking to, wherever we travel, foster an atmosphere that promotes understanding between the United States and that country. Delegation members often meet with political leaders, business leaders, leading women’s groups, non-profit organizations, and many others during their visits. Delegations have at times been inspired by the work of individual International Women of Courage honorees, whom we honor yearly in conjunction with the State Department in Washington, D.C.

Our Grants

Central to AWIU’s mission is its commitment to strengthening the work of women across the world through grants. At its inception, AWIU issued grants for individual women, which enabled them to travel to the United States for study. In recent years, with such great changes in travel and communications, AWIU’s grant program now focuses upon issuing micro-grants to women’s groups or groups which enhance the wellbeing of women within a developing country.

Our Celebration

Since 2008, American Women for International Understanding has had the unique privilege to host a celebration for those named by the U.S. Department of State as “International Women of Courage” (IWOCs).  Our IWOC Celebration is a beautiful and moving evening that recognizes the awardees and highlights their exemplary efforts. In addition, AWIU provides each of the IWOCs with a monetary grant to support her continued efforts. The observance of International Women’s Day provides the backdrop for this empowering event.

Our Chapters

AWIU has member chapters across the United States with some located in specific cities and others that meet virtually over the internet. Chapters hold meetings and events to educate and inform attendees about vital international issues. Visit our chapter pages above to find information on chapter leadership and recent events. Both members and non-members can attend chapter events.

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